Following an initial visit to your property we can provide: 


  • An initial analysis, identifying in visual form, what you can build without planning permission or what your chances are of gaining permission for a project; 

  • We can supply drawings that illustrate the detail of your ideas and advise you of what your Council is likely to expect or accept;  

  • We can submit planning applications or lawful development applications on your behalf and we can draft and submit appeals should the Council refuse your application;

  • If you have any difficulties with the Council or you find their requirements unreasonable, we can help you approach them effectively, with planning law and design expertise to back you up;​

  • If you have concerns about a planning proposal or wish to make representations with regard to an emerging Local or Neighbourhood Plan, we can provide a supporting statement to ensure that your views are presented in the most effective way.

Agricultural and commercial land and building owners

The Government have introduced new regulations allowing much greater potential for residential uses of many properties, including agricultural barns and offices. We can assess your property and provide a full analysis of its potential. These changes in the rules may not last, we can advise you so that you do not miss out. Whatever your development requirements, we can provide advice, deal with the Council and submit applications and appeals on your behalf.